Most interesting in File Encryption Utilities

IS Protector
IS Protector
Information Protection software: Strong File Encryption or Military Grade Unrecoverable...
WiFi Guardian
Surf securely through WiFi Hotspots or regular connections and protect your privacy...
Solid Encryption
This gives you access to unbreakable OTP encryption. You can encrypt to and from files...
DSL Privacy Lock
DSL Privacy Lock terminate most known keylogger (normal keylogger software or keylogger...
Safe File Shredder
Safe File Shredder and Mover will help you delete or move your files safely and securely.
DotFix LiteProtect
DotFix LiteProtect decrease the size and provide external protection for win32 applications.
All-In-One Protector
Protect Flash, PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, EXE, E-Book, Video, Audio, Images and other file types.
Computer Security
Keep your computer's content protected! Lock your personal applications, crypt...
Invisible Secrets 2002
Keep those prying eyes out of your communications and prevent unwanted people from reading...
Secure Storage Pro
Dreaming of having a baby? This simple Secure Storage Pro not only will tell you which...
Androsa FileProtector
Androsa FileProtector is a professional and freeware software that protects any type of file...
PDF Encryption Software
PDF encryption software is efficient for protecting bulk PDF files, supports both RC4...
Fast File Encryptor
Fast File Encryptor is designed for fast processing of extremely large files.
Copysafe Web
Copysafe Web is the most secure solution available for copy protection of web pages...
WinXAR is a powerful security utility which allows you to encrypt, decrypt...
Time-proven solution for data encryption and backup that perfectly fits both corporate...
Armor Tools
A suite of tools which ensure your privacy and keep sensitive information secure.
Max File Encryption
Max File Encryption is a powerful yet easy-to-use encryption/steganography software.
Anti-Peeper Key
Quickly hide windows and programs, preventing uninvited persons from seeing them.
Drive Encryption
DriveEncryption is the best encryption and decryption solution.
Wallet Cloak
Wallet Cloak is a robust security application designed to encrypt and hide cryptocurrency...