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Helps improve admin time and deployment time. Consolidates a lot of SQL...
Advanced DBF Editor
Advanced DBF Editor is a compact and fast viewer and editor intended for developers...
DB Workbench
DB Workbench
SQL editor, database schema/data comparison tool for...
EMS Data Pump for MySQL
EMS Data Pump for MySQL is a powerful utility for converting databases and importing table...
DTM Migration Kit
DTM Migration Kit is a powerful yet simple data import, export and migration tool.
Oracle PHP Generator
Oracle PHP Generator is a freeware but powerful Oracle GUI frontend that allows...
Devart T4 Editor
Powerful Visual Studio 2015 add-in for editing T4 templates with Intellisense.
DBA Easy Control
DBA Easy Control is a unique database management suite for Oracle DBMS administrators.
FlySpeed SQL Query
If you need a fully featured SQL query tool that supports a wide range...
PowerShell Plus
Access hundreds of pre-loaded scripts for SQL Server, Active Directory and Exchange...
Code Factory for MySQL
Code Factory for MySQL allows you to manage SQL queries and scripts using such useful...
SQL Script Recovery
If you encrypt your own source code of stored procedures, triggers, views or user-defined...
SQL Code Library
SQL Code Library is a powerful source code Library shipped with 50,000+ lines of code, quick...
Access 2007 Password
Access 2007 Password allows you to reset password of encrypted Access 2007 database (accdb)...
Add Images to Access Easily and Efficiently with DBPix: the Access Image Control.
MySQL Code Factory
MySQL Code Factory allows you to manage SQL queries and scripts using such useful...