Most interesting in Computer Screen Savers

Drunken Clock Screensaver
Drunken Clock is a skinnable analog clock, which randomly and smoothly moves across the screen.
Radar Screensaver
Radar Screensaver simulates a fabulous radar watching its airspace controlled area.
Sim Aquarium
Sim Aquarium
Sim Aquarium brings the most realistic coral reef aquarium to your computer screen.
Stars 3 Screensaver
Impressive space flight through the star field simulation screensaver.
Web Saver
Web Saver
Bring web information to you whenever the screen saver starts.
UpTime Screen Saver
UpTime Screen saver is more like a utility. It will show you how long the current...
DREAMScope GL is an interactive kaleidoscope screensaver that generates...
Abound Screensaver
Abound will mesmerize you for hours on end with its colorful balls flying around the screen...
MatrixMania Screensaver
This is a fantastic full customizable Matrix Screensaver. This beautiful psychodelic...
Marine Aquarium PPC
We are pleased to bring your favorite Marine Aquarium to your favorite handheld device...
HyperGreen Screen Saver
Screen Saver with 3D motion graphics and features like leaving messages, world clock...
Attention system administrators: do users of your network forget to log off before leaving?...
A screensaver which shows your own pictures in a great slideshow while your computer...
ExcelliPrint IPDS
ExcelliPrint is an IPDS AFP printing solution allowing you to print IPDS to Non-IPDS printers.
Tao Screen Saver
Inspirational screen saver with quotes and images (Chinese gardens & temples) from the "Tao...
ABF Screen Saver (OpenGL)
The ABF Screen Saver (OpenGL) by ABF software, Inc. is a screen saver that works on any 32-bit...
CPU Indicator Screen Saver
The screen saver for Windows. It enables you to watch a graphical representation of your CPU's...
This freeware screen saver is a great way to play a joke on your friend (assuming...