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VirtualDrive is the original & best CD/DVD/BD emulation and burning software.

Emulate CD/DVD/BD, Burn CD/DVD/BD, and Backup CD/DVD/BD

Play CD/DVD from hard drive at 200x without a physical CD/DVD. VirtualDrive is a Virtual CD/DVD emulation software. Virtual Drive converts a CD/DVD/BD into a Virtual CD file (VCD), which plays in any one of up to 23 emulated virtual CD drives. VirtualDrive allows you to emulate, copy, clone, burn, or backup CD/DVD/Blu-ray. VirtualDrive provides a fast and instant responsive playback without leaving any wear or tear on your CD/DVD.

VirtualDrive has been helping hundreds of thousands people to emulate, play, burn, copy, and share CD/DVD/BD since 1996. VirtualDrive 15 supports Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and provides touch screen flow user interface to further ease the usage.

What do editors say?

'VirtualDrive Pro is a capable all-in-one disc image manipulation and burning program'
--- PCWorld Editor's Pick

'Your jaw will literally drop at the speed difference'
--- USA TODAY Review

'We completely trust VirtualDrive Pro...'
--- Editor's Pick

'a great job and remains one of the most advanced tools...'
--- Editor's Pick

VirtualDrive 15 New Features:
. Support Windows 8 and Windows 2012
. Enhanced cover-flow user interface
. Touch screen support
. Support Blu-ray (UDF 2.6 ISO)
. Support Win PAD, Ultrabook and Netbook

VirtualDrive Other Key Features:
. Emulate, Play, Burn, Copy, and Share CD/DVD/BD
. Play games from hard drive at 200X speed without the actual CD/DVD
. No more CD/DVD drive noise, no wear or tear on CD/DVD, no lost CD/DVD
. Perfect for UltraBook, netbook, and Win PAD without CD/DVD drive
. Run up to 23 CD/DVDs simultaneously
. Share CD/DVDs network and over internet
. Centralized Console for Network Edition");