document.writeln("Description: The internalCarousel Pro Flash component displays images, videos, and SWF files in a unique carousel layout. You can navigate through the images by moving the cursor from left to right. Click on a thumbnail to view the full size image, video, or SWF file. When using videos a full set of video controls can are used to control the video. The internalCarousel Pro is fully customizable. Key Features: All settings, images, videos, and SWF files can be changed through the component inspector or an XML file.Control the distance from the camera to the images. Control the spacing between image. Control the rotation speed. Set the amount of of motion blur. Choose the first image to show upon loading. Control the reflection alpha, distance, and drop off. Optional link click through and link target type. Skinnable video controls, link icon, camera icon, loading icon, and tooltip. Supports images, SWF files, and FLV videos. ActionScript API available.");