document.writeln("Power Music is a powerful tool designed for musicians who want to organise and access their music easily and efficiently. Take control of your music.

Don’t waste time searching amongst piles of paper; Power Music allows you to store your entire sheet music collection electronically, as well as lyrics, chord sheets and audio files.
Features include:
Instant transposition of chord sheets.
Search your entire collection in seconds.
Tag songs with categories, author/composer and alternative titles.
Set up interactive playlists and display full screen for practise and performance.
Single click or use a foot pedal to turn pages.
Easy print out of set lists, chords sheets and lyrics.
Attach performance notes and audio/video to each song.
Extensive reporting including usage reports.

Tired of constantly photocopying chord sheets when a band member forgets them yet again?

How about searching for sheets of music, or scrabbling around looking for notes on the back of an envelope.

Fed up transposing chord sheets manually or picking through piles of CDs because someone asks “how does that bit go again?”

Power Music is the answer.");