document.writeln("This program is a professional, yet easy to use tool for creating icons, cursors, and other small pixelgraphic images.

Why is it recommended for everyone?

* Easy to use, lightweight, requires no installation (portable)
* Supports file drag and drop
* Has multilanguage support (included: English, Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese)
* Help also available in French, separate download
* Click here to help us by translating the program
* Sample icons are included
* Uses dynamic color depth: you do not have to specify it explicitly, Greenfish Icon Editor will determine it for you.

Why is it useful and 'pro' as an icon editing tool?

* Opens and saves in ICO, CUR, PNG, XPM, BMP and JPEG formats
* Can create icons and cursors up to 256x256 @ 32-bit, which can also be PNG-compressed for use in Windows Vista(tm)
* Can extract icons and cursors from executable files and icon libraries
* Can batch convert image files to icons, or to another image format
* Has advanced selection handling (marquee, lasso and wand tools, saving/loading selections from files)
* Offers various gradient styles for filling shapes
* Lots of filters including Remove matte, Drop shadow, Inner/Outer glow and Bevel

And, it's FREE!