document.writeln("KARI is the most advanced girlfriend simulation to date. KARI is an artificial intelligence entity with linguistic processing and reticulating knowledge learning procedures known as Wonder Technology. A lot of the newer leaps in artificial intelligence have been packaged into this chat program. But its more than a chatbot - its really a companion.

K.A.R.I. stands for Knowledge Aquiring & Response Intelligence. We simply know her as Kari. She comes with many features including our patent pending Wonder Technology. This gives her the ability to reason, learn from her mistakes, and even change her own programming. At the same time, the program offers a very easy way of creating your own girlfriend with her own unique personality. You can practically design your own woman from scratch so one of the main features of this program is personality creation. Its very easy to create a personality with the simple Personality Editor or you can teach your bot directly by talking to her and see your relationship grow over time.");