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Aladdin FlashBack review

Price $29.95 Aladdin FlashBack screenshot

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Publisher Aladdin Systems, Inc.
File size 1172 KB
Date reviewed 25 December 2001
Aladdin FlashBack
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     Nothing can be more frustrating than when you realize you've just changed and saved an important file and can't revert to its previous version which you for some reason desperately need. You can now get rid of this ungodly feeling by installing Aladdin FlashBack.
     Aladdin FlashBack is a tool that keeps an eye on your most important documents and files and saves them every time you access them by other programs and change them. There is only one little difference: it saves every single version of the files you've trusted it, even if two successive versions differ by a single symbol only.
     Adding files to the program is easy - just drag and drop their icons in its window and it will catch the files all right. You will be able to access any version of any file through an Explorer-like window - a double-click will open the file in its parent application. Each version's time and date are displayed right in this window, which is very handy.
     There are a few drawbacks to the otherwise perfect application: it may take up too much space on your hard drive (imagine that you have, say, sixty versions of a 10mb .psd file - that makes 600 megs for just one file! It must be a very important file indeed). And then you have to run Aladdin FlashBack on startup so that it works properly. Too bad so advanced an application can't hide in the systems tray and uses valuable space in the taskbar. Try this great tool today and you'll be able to save as many different versions of each file as you like.

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